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About the Company 

AutoDialersOnline is a division of WealthPhysics Corporation.
Our goal is to help our customers grow their revenue by providing them with the most cost effective technologies, data and services for generating sales leads. AutoDialersOnline supplies entire marketing systems as well as individual components at reasonable prices to help our clients make the most money they can. 

About the Founder 

Lee Dodd is the founder of
Teletech Plus, an international marketing and software development company. Mr. Lee Dodd attended college at Lamar University and has many years of marketing experience. He has created marketing models for multiple industries that have realized dramatic increases in revenue while reducing cost. 

Mr. Dodd has always had an interest in scripting and studio recording and has five audio motivational and sales training presentations under his belt with tens of thousands of cassette tapes in homes across the nation. The most popular tape was $1.1 million in 90 minutes. He creates and implements aggressive marketing plans for television, radio, print media, telemarketing operations and Internet promotion.

He is currently working with a wide range of industries to increase their monthly paying prospects, while introducing new revenue streams.
Mr. Dodd is committed to maintaining a company where honesty, kindness and integrity are priority one. His ability to create relationships with the right people has been a major factor in growing Teletech Plus into the corporation it is today!

About the President 

Barry Atkins is President of WealthPhysics. During his career
Mr. Atkins has been a key player in winning over $600 million in contract awards and has received several prestigious awards for sales and marketing efforts. He has consulted with many clients, from Fortune 5 to mom and pop shops, increasing their sales and productivity through technology and better business management. 

Barry is a graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia with a degree in Computer Engineering and has held management and sales positions at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), EDS, Oracle and Unigraphics as well as participating in several startup ventures.

At AutoDialersOnline Barry brings his expertise and experience to bear on the issue of revenue improvement through automated telephony technologies.

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Welcome to your source for automated calling - your online telemarketing resource!

The #1 reason businesses fail is ... lack of sales.

Supercharge your productivity & Stop Hand Dialing Today!!!

If you are a small or medium sized business that is looking for sales leads then this is the place for you. Telemarketing is the most cost effective means for small companies to find customers and get results fast. We can help you succeed.

Call us to learn more about our phone dialer products and services, and see how we can help your profits explode!

We specialize in cutting-edge Power Dialers, Cloud CRM and Call Center technology and PC based Dialers the will you grow your business. We offer an array of products that will help you capture, track and convert your leads into sales. All at attractive, affordable prices.

Looking for a fast, easy to use system? We can do that! Or how about a custom designed package to provide specialized service to your company's every need? We can do that too!

Whatever your business needs, we will always strive to surpass all of your expectations. We offer top of the line technical support on all our dialing and software products and knock-your-socks-off customer service, even after the sale, and bottom line pricing that gives you the assurance of not overpaying for the same lead generation products somewhere else! 

Additionally, we offer Truly Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Calls to USA and Canada No Per Minute Charges! No Startup Fees! No Hidden Fees! No Contract! Look at our ZoomCalls Business VoIP Phone Service.

Browse around the site to learn more about our phone dialing products and services, and see how we can help your business explode! Whether you are on a tight budget or are growing beyond your wildest dreams, we can help you do more.

Call for prices and advice on PC or Cloud Based systems and IP Phone Services. Phone lists, too.

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